Our Services

The main services that we provide are as follows:

Family Law

A marriage breakdown can be a considerably upsetting and stressful time. At O’Sullivan Whelan, we will deal with your situation in a caring and sensitive manner. We will…..

  • Undertake to resolve difficult issues at an early stage
  • Where applicable, apply for a judicial separation and/or divorce
  • Lodge and serve the necessary court documents
  • Advise you on all matters relating to family home, matrimonial property, custody, guardianship, access to children and all other issues including succession rights
  • Where applicable, apply to the courts for a barring order, protection order or maintenance order
  • We are members of the Legal Aid Board panel

Wills, Taxation & Probate

  • Advise you on the steps you need to take in preparing your will
  • Advice on obtaining a Grant of Probate and tax implications which may arise
  • We will deal with this matter on your behalf in a sensitive and caring manner.

Personal Injury Actions*

  • Advice on how to proceed with your claim
  • We will deal directly with your insurance company to minimise loss and inconvenience
  • Lodge the necessary applications to the courts and/or PIAB on your behalf
  • Keep you informed of all developments as they happen

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of the award or settlement.


Debt Collection

Let O’Sullivan Whelan take the pain out of your debt collection problems. After initial instruction from you we will…

  • Contact your debtors informing them of our role in the debt recovery process
  • Take any necessary steps including issuing proceedings, registering judgements, lodge decrees with the sheriff, applying to the court for examination order and any other steps that may be deeemed necessary to recover monies due


  • We will draft the necessary proceedings in the Circuit/High Court
  • Recover compensation and/or apology on your behalf

Criminal Law (including Road Traffic Law)

  • Advise you on all matters relating to your court representation
  • Attend with you in court and explain your position
  • How to communicate with the judge
  • ake all necessary legal submissions on your beha;lf and advise if an appeal is warranted
  • We provide legal aid and are members of the Criminal Legal Aid Board.


O’Sullivan Whelan are devoted to assisting you with the process of buying or selling your property. We are here to help you understand every detail of the contract you’re signing, to ensure you get a fair deal and to keep negotiations smooth, every step of the way.

  • Sale and Purchase of Residential and Commercial Property
  • Preparation of Contracts for Sale of Property
  • Property title investigation